A friend of mine is contemplating a call to serve in India.

Another friend of mine is about to start a whirlwind month of serving in two different states, something she commits to every summer.

Another friend is dreaming big dreams of a women’s retreat in October.

Another is living on mission in Florida, having moved thousands of miles from friend and family.

10525972_10152563920595867_4148264669658602640_nAnd here I am, reading my VosKamp, my Lewis, studying David, raising my kids, working my job, loving my husband, trying not to go crazy with the wonder and inanity of it all. What do you do when the mundane is what you have? When you are called right here and right now, to just be you  in your hometown. When you have neither the capacity nor the compulsion for something grand. When, right now, you are simply called to the everyday.

Let’s find out shall we…


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