Since God created Adam, since God saw that it was bad for man to be alone and created Eve, community has been at the heart of who we are as human beings.  It’s a basic need, a part of our blueprints. It’s the connective tissue that runs across nationalities, skin color, gender, politics. This is what my friend Robin has a passion for. For bringing people together. Whether at Panera Bread for coffee, at a ladies retreat or in her home with her sweet boys, her heart seeks people out and seeks to bring them together. Robin is the founder of The Collective in Greater Portland, Maine.

The Collective was born out of a desire to simply provide a space for the Church in Greater Portland to come together to worship God and to love people. As a part of each worship gathering, our hope is to provide a simple, tangible way that we can join together in loving others around us both locally and globally.

And so every few months we gather. We worship. We join together in pursuit of a goal. We leave aside the boundaries of church walls and political affiliations. We put aside the labels we give ourselves, church planter, seeker friendly, non denominational. We get rid of the trendy buzz words that seek to draw people in. We’re not starting a new culture here. We’re reveling in an experience that we were designed to have, we are worshipping God as we were designed to, together.

So if you are in Maine on March 25th and looking for some community, join us. We’ll be together at First Baptist Church in Westbrook at 7pm. There’s always room at the table.


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