Great Expectations

I was reading from Joshua yesterday. I always try and pay attention to the verse(s) that spring out to me. Something that might catch my eye, or need repeating. Sometimes it’s a well known verse, sometimes it’s the only blank space amidst a sea of my notes. Yesterday it was Joshua 1 v 5. “Just as I was with Moses,so will I be with you.” Has there ever been a more loaded statement.

My heart instantly leapt into my throat and went straight to, that’s a lot of pressure, some mighty expectations there, how can you hope to live up to that, big shoes to fill. My natural inclination to go all human in the face of Holy, and worry about personal limitations, personal needs, personal desires. What if I don’t want this? What if I don’t want to walk that path? I wan to watch The Tonight Show and eat Cheetos in my PJs.

But after 24 hours of this scripture rolling around in my head, crossing my mind when a spare thought let it, I suddenly realized. My inclination to load this statement with humanity, completely misses how loaded up it is with God. See God was with Moses, and God will be with Joshua. The God of this whole universe. The God who created time. The God who parted the red sea, freed the slaves, set the captives free. He was with Moses, and He will be with Joshua.

This verse does not say, I will only be with you in the exact same way as I was with Moses, so you need to do things as if you were him, you need to walk his path, you need to literally fill his shoes. No. It says that God was with Moses and that God will be with Joshua.  See, God isn’t asking Joshua to fill Moses’ task, but to complete the plans that God has set in motion, and to complete them as Joshua would not as Moses would.

I want to be like Mary, who upon hearing the words of the Angel Gabriel cries out “Let it be with me as you have said” (somewhere in Luke.) But most of the time I end up hiding in a cave, saying “Let it be with me as you have said but please sir can I do this first.”

God is with Joshua as he was with Moses, as he is with me.


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