Five MinWhen I think of lifting up, I think of so many artificial things. I think of an elevator rising, especially the kid with wrought iron doors and a man specifically employed to operate it. I think of the kind of shoes they used to make for short people who wanted height. I think of the shoes they used to make for Spice Girl fans. Chuckies on steroids. And yes, I had a pair. I think of the energy drinks my husband drinks. An afternoon pick me up. A boost to that long car ride.

And when I am done exhausting my list of artificial lifts, I sink bank into my thoughts, find that comfy spot, and find the lift in my soul. Words and silences that come from deep within. Words that speak of a never ending love, of an in-exhaustible love, of an unoppressive love, of a love that never dies, never fades, never changes with my state of mind.

I find my lift in a cup of coffee and protein bar in the morning certainly, but more so in what lies behind it, what it represents. It means five or six minutes, alone sometimes, but more often than not by the side of a child munching on toast, five or six minutes of stillness. In which I am not multi tasking, but focusing on the prayer at hand, the book at hand, the scripture at hand, the five minute Friday prompt at hand. The coffee and protein bar are outward symptoms of what is actually going on.

And now in the distance, my coffee long gone, my empty wrapper on the table, I hear the distant voice of Lamb Chop singing:

…This is the song that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was and we’ll continue singing it forever now because…

And the parenting doesn’t end. The coffee pot doesn’t end. The laundry certainly doesn’t end. But neither do the giggles, the love, the buttery toast faces, the welcoming husband. And that lift in my soul, that lift that is the basis of my life, that seeps into everything I do, everything I am, well that never ends either, and we’ll continue singing it forever now because His is the love that never ends…


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  1. I love how you wrote about this. I similarly was thinking of things that lift my soul, albeit I’m not a wife or mother. I agree that my morning coffee and breakfast is my “coffee and contemplation” time. I enjoy my quiet in the mornings, as well, but also revel in the business and stress of life!


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