It’s Getting Better, Getting Stronger…

Photo on 5-29-16 at 7.43 PM #4Just when I thought this new writing spot of mine couldn’t get any better. I come in on the night before a holiday and they are still open, and still till ten. Coffee shops and hospitals, they never close. It used to be banks and hospitals right? Changed priorities?

But then it keeps getting better, after I’ve skewered the barista with my wit, I ask for a black coffee and they offer me a ceramic mug because they see my computer, score. And then he says refills are free as long as you are here. Hold the phone. You are going to give me an awesome mug, and keep filling it. I may never leave. The sign in front of me tells me that my coffee also goes toward the education of Guatemalan children. I pretty much suck at shopping well, so I like it when places make it easy for me.

So this place, that I was afraid to come to, just keeps blessing me. Just keeps giving. More than I could ask for. More than I could dream of.

At some point in the next few months I wouldn’t be surprised if a vacationing Editor from Tyndale walked in and said “Hey, what are you working on? I’m looking for something new.”

A song from Rend Collective keeps going round and around in my mind, along with the scripture they draw from.

More than all we ask
Than all we seek
All our hopes and dreams
You are immeasurably more
Than we can know
Than we can pray
All our words can say
You are immeasurably more

My friend Sarah used the scripture at her wedding, Ephesians 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. I am blown away by the things we hold onto, not knowing that God has so much more planned. It doesn’t stop me from holding on for dear life, but once I let go of my plans and embrace his, I am never disappointed. You know, even if the outcome is bloody awful, it turns out it was something I didn’t need and the peace that comes with the big fat no is so worth it.

So, immeasurably more, instead of just enough to get by and coffee shops and hospitals that are always open.



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