Being ignorant and wayward

I have a thousand thoughts swarming in my mind today. Thoughts of how to show grace to my children. Thoughts of how to convey how my parents prepared me to live such a life. And then there are the big things I get stuck on. Who exactly is this Jesus Man that stands in the place of my father? Did I show people God today, or did I show them Screwtape on a bad day?

I’m flitting back and forth between my twitter feed, and the book of faces, and I’ll probably hit incourage next. No podcasts tonight, no speakers.

And somehow in the shuffling of ideas, doing everything I can to avoid sitting and writing some words down, there it is.

Hebrews 5:2 He is gentle with the ignorant and wayward.

I may have that put on a T-shirt, a coffee cup and a bumper sticker.

Now back to my wayward thoughts…


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