Wake Up Call

IMG_2203I love to wake up early. I mean I don’t relish getting out of bed in the morning, and would love to sleep in, but I love being the first one up in my house. I love the stillness of the morning. Sitting in my kitchen with a cup of tea, listening to the Chickadees nesting in my chokecherry tree. I have three kids and a husband with no volume control, so that 5am call is strong. To sit in scripture, or with a good book, and just wake up with God and nature. It’s such a blessing.

Yeah, most days I hit snooze umpteen times before the baby wakes up and so my first few moments are not spent with the chickadees but with a poopy diaper.

Most days I have gotten up three or four times in the night with a child needing to pee.

Most days, I drink a cup of tea whilst perched on the tub drying my ankles with one hand, lukewarm tea in the other.

Most days, my Bible stays in the drawer, my book stays in my bag.

This morning, I even ran out of the house and forgot my purse. We were at work before I realized. I had my breast pump and lunch with me, so I’m all set, but my book is fifteen miles away.

So yes, I love to wake up before everyone else. I know how wonderful it is, and I know how it sets me up for the day. But in this season of my life, I am content for it to be a rare blessing, and have this crazy be the norm. Because I may have wet hair, but my baby smiled at me this morning. I may be wearing yesterday’s shirt (whoops), but I got to watch all three kids rolling around on the floor in unison this morning. I may need a second cup of coffee at 8.32 am, but I got to breathe in the warmth of my husband lying beside me.

What I want life to look like isn’t happening right now, I mean you should see my laundry pile. But that doesn’t mean life isn’t happening, and I get to choose how I respond to that. So I take my one memory verse and I meditate on that, instead of reading something new. I take my lukewarm cup of Coffee in my “Choose Joy” mug, and I do just that, I choose joy.

Life is hard sometimes, life is messy – emotionally and physically – but life is good people. My Grandma used to say “God is in his heaven and all is right with the world”. I’m just going to sit with that thought for a while, as I change that poopy diaper.


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