This is the year of His expectations, not mine.

This year I will expect Him, and everything else is window dressing.

When you plan a brunch, plan a study, arrange your children and your time, what expectations are you laboring under?

This week I pretty much just planned for Jesus to show up, and, in more ways than one, that was a little intimidating. To fully let go of planning home baked goods, casseroles, fresh juices. To fully let go of having each word mapped out, each scripture ready to go. To just rest in him, buy a few things at the store, and let Him handle the rest.

And so this morning, when we woke up to ice and snow, I went ahead planning for Jesus. I went to the 8am weigh in. I popped the tube of pillsbury cinnamon rolls. I balled the melon. I had the Hubs nip out for juice. I posted encouraging words to Facebook.

I did not worry about the people who wouldn’t come, I prayed for them. I did not worry about having too much food left to waste, I watched my three year old discovering Melon balls and waiting patiently for a cinnamon roll. I did not worry about the words unsaid, because, between me and my savior this morning are all the words, and none of the words.

What does our life look like when we let go of expectations? I read somewhere that expectations kill relationships, and I had always applied that to my relationship with my husband, or to my friends. But expectations can kill a relationship with Christ just as easily. Do I expect him to stop the snow? Do I expect him to bring people to the table? Do I expect him to let the words flow like wine? Do I expect a massive display of holiness at my kitchen table? Or do I just expect Him?

This week, we looked at the words of Jesus, and my overwhelming take away was to abide in him, in his word.

Abide. To accept or act in accordance with.

Abide. To accept or bear.

Abide. To stay or live somewhere.

Abide. To remain or continue.

Abide. To wait for.

Abide. To endure without yielding.

Abide. To bear patiently.

And I linger on this question from IF:Equip, what is a truth about Jesus that sets you free?

The truth, that it’s all about him, and not a smidge about me or my cinnamon rolls! So, I love you all, but I love him more.


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