seamlessAngie Smith released a new Bible study last week, and to be honest I wasn’t that enthused. I burnt out on BIG Bible Study’s after Beth Moore’s Daniel study. I love them, I just never make time for them. I looked over Kelly Minter’s Ruth study, but mostly because I want to put together my own Ruth study for our church this year. Ruth is my go to girl and I have yet to find any cohesive set of thoughts on her that I can go along with fully.

But, we’ve been talking a lot about Biblical literacy in our women’s ministry pow wows of late, and so when I saw the subject of Angie’s new study I had to check it out.

Seamless – Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story

It just sounds like the right starting point doesn’t it? For women who know the stories, but feel disconnected from the big picture. Or know the big picture even, but still feel disconnected from the Bible as the actual, living, breathing, word of God.

So I got it, and I have to say, even without watching the videos that accompany it, I’m hooked. I’m just over half way through week one, we’re still in Genesis. It seems trite to start with Genesis. I feel like a lot of people always start with Genesis and always get stuck in the first five books and never move on. But that’s the point of this study. Angie pulls key aspects of Genesis, that will be applied as recurring themes as we progress through our overview of God’s narrative. She focuses on the minutiae occasionally, but is more concerned with filling you with a sense of the story as a whole than in getting bogged down by detail.

I’m seeing things I have not seen in over half my life as a Christian. I’m excited to open this study everyday. I’m excited to bring it to the women at my church. This is a good day


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